Wedding Decor Rentals

Weddings are expensive no matter which route a couple takes. Even the least expensive wedding is going to cost more than no wedding and few couples want to pay the highest prices for their big days. This is largely because many of the things couples purchase for a wedding are useless after the fact, so it is important to make a choice between renting and buying.

Drapery is very popular in modern weddings. Some people use just a few pieces of cloth for a backdrop while others drape the entire venue in lush streamers of expensive materials like satin and chiffon. There are two ways of doing this, buying more yards of fabric than even a queen’s dressmaker would need or rent the goods from a company that will then take the unwanted fabric right back.

Tablecloths, Chair Covers and Linens
Even couples who go without the decadent draping will often opt for at least tablecloths, if not also chair covers and linens. All or some of these items can be rented to save money and time. Sure, there are plenty of places to buy them, but anyone who does not have a use for often at least a hundred chair covers and more than ten tablecloths will find the items more of a nuisance than anything once the wedding is over.

Cake Stands and Decorative Food Services
When it comes to food services, apart from the cake knife and spatula, it is much less expensive to rent. It is even possible to rent a cake service, but some of them are memorabilia that couples like to keep. As far as the cake pedestal, chocolate fountains, punch bowls and the like, buying the best is a lot more expensive than renting the best.

Aisle Decor
Aisle decor is often single-use stuff like aisle runners and flower petals. However, some couples opt for elaborate fake trees, pew bows, draping, archways and more. Some of these items are available to rent. Again, this relieves the pressure of having to find a use for 20 branch arrangements and four Roman columns draped in chiffon.

Signs are a tough choice when it comes to the buy or rent question. It all boils down to one thing, will they be personalized or will they be generic? Generic welcome and wedding signs are rentable and thus easy to be rid of. Personalized signs are not rentable as no company can reuse them. Decide which works best for the ceremony and then decide whether to rent.